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Ay-Mac Precision Inc is unique in the customer core pin manufacturing trade. Our combination of machining and grinding expertise sets us apart from our competition.

Form Grinding

Grinding forms on round core pins between centers is our specialty. Our cylindrical grinders are capable of holding tolerances as close as .0001 on quantities from one piece to thousands with surface finishes of 12 RMS. The small size of our O.D. grinders, about half the size of a tool room grinder, make them very fast to set up and operate. This enables us to produce core pins very economically and pass the savings along to our customers. The pictures you see on our home page are just a small example of the type of work we have done in our 25 years of grinding custom core pins.

Centerless Grinding

We have 5 centerless grinders with wheel widths from 2" to 8". Tolerances as close as .0001 with surface finishes of 12 RMS are held routinely. The centerless grinders are an integral part of the core pin making process and are used in conjunction with the O.D. grinders to economically produce a finished part. We have run large production runs with diameters as small as .008.

Surface Grinding

We have 12 surface grinders which we use to finish the core pins. They are typically used for finishing the ends of the core pins. They are also used for putting vent flats, slots, radii, angles, head relief or any other requirements our customers specify. We also make custom ejector blades with tolerances of +/- .0001.


We have a variety of standard machine tools and many custom-built machines which enable us to be extremely competitive while still maintaining the quality our customers require.


With our experience in manufacturing core pins, our customers often consult us to discuss and critique their design. We happily offer design advice with the intent to reduce the cost to the customer, plus improve the life and production performance of the pins.


Our standard lead time is four weeks ARO, but urgent requests for quick turnaround will get the attention and response requested by our customers.

Our Services

    • Grinding
    • Form Grinding
    • Centerless Grinding
    • Surface Grinding
    • Machining
    • And Much More!